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Retail POS System

Integrated Retail Management System The product is for the retails supermarkets or hypermarkets to do all their operations from the point of sale to the back office. The software has a wonderful interface and very user friendly. The user can select the various  options with friendly reports 

Property Management System

PMS solutions for hotels Furnished apartment  or Guest Houses which takes care of end to end management of your property with interfaced to various utilities 

Security and Access Control

This solutions takes care of secuarity and access control for your property paragraph.  Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you 

Clinic Management System

This a comprehensive solution designed to manage  a Medical Clinic.This software exclusively for Medical Practitioners to function with ease and create a  database of their patients.  can provide various reports to of patient's history, medical records and clinical data.  day to day activities of a clinic and Patient Management.

Scan, Capture  & Record System

The Passport and other Identity document reader is huge advantage for range of industries like hotel, banks, car rental, hospitals shops etc. are making use of this secure technology to increase the efficiency  save time and effort

Tracking & Identity System

Track your delivery or transport vehicle,  increase the efficiency by route mapping , address location   integrate to google map monitor for safety get various report to increase the productivity